Service Providers

Service Providers


  • To verify eligibility & benefits you may call the Fund Office at:
  • The Trustees have entered into a contract with a Preferred Provider Organization to provide comprehensive medical services at discounted rates. The current PPO is Blue Cross Blue Shield. An eligible person can choose any covered provider. However, if a provider in the PPO network is used, the Plan will pay 80% of the covered charges. If a provider is Out Of Network, the Plan will pay 45% of the covered charges.

    It is the patient's responsibility to verify the current PPO status of the provider of service. Call the PPO direct at 800-810-2583 or visit their web-site at:

  • Coverage for prescription drugs is provided through SAV-RX. You should present your insurance card to your pharmacy when you have a prescription filled. Visit their web-site at:

  • Laborers' International Union of North America
  • Laborers' International Union of North America Local Union 773
  • Central Laborers' Pension Fund
  • Laborers' Health & Safety Fund of North America
  • Laborors’ International Union of North America Lcoal Union 1197
  • Mt. Sterling Training Center

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Perspectives Online provides convenient and confidential online access to a vast and continually refreshed library of articles, self-guided assessments, links, calculators, information and resources in the following areas:

  • Emotional Well-Being - addictions, mental health, eating disorders, grief/loss, stress, anger management, communication, conflict management, time management.
  • Family and Care Giving - child development and child care, aging and elder care, adoption, parenting and educational issues.
  • Health and Wellness - diet & nutrition, fitness, disease prevention and management of illness.
  • Daily Living - financial issues, legal issues, pet care, travel issues, consumer issues.
  • Working Well - effective listening, conflict resolution, workplace safety, career development, workplace diversity.

You can call Perspectives at 1-800-456-6327 or to access Perspectives Online, simply:

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