Fund History

History of the Fund

The Fund was created by a Trust Agreement dated August 1977, between the Southern Illinois Laborers’ District Council and the Associated General Contractors of Illinois. The purpose of the Fund is to administer the contributions required by the provisions of collective bargaining agreements between the two parties and credit employer contributions received to an account for each participant, based on reported hours for the work month. Administration services of the Health & Welfare Fund for the construction workers initially began in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

Life and health benefits began in June 1978 and vision benefits were added in June 1979. In December 1980, the Trustees offered dental benefits and dependent life became available in December 1985.

An Annuity Fund was established and the Southern Illinois Laborers’ & Employers Health & Welfare Fund entered into an agreement with the Annuity Fund to provide administrative services August 1987.

January 1992, a Preferred Provider/Utilization Program was implemented and a mail order drug program began January 1993.

In January 1995, the Southern Illinois Laborers’ & Employers Health & Welfare Fund merged with the Laborers’ Industrial & Public Employees Health & Welfare Fund and the administrative office was moved to Cairo, Illinois.

A retail drug program was adopted in July 1997 and a Member Assistance Program commenced May 1999.

A Vacation Fund was set up in April 2001 to create and establish a vacation savings plan for those employed in the construction industry and other occupations.

Hearing benefits were added May 2001, and the retail drug program was expanded to include Specialty Drug and Bio-Injectables April 2005.

In May 2011, the administrative office was moved to Marion, Illinois. The building is located next to the Southern & Central Illinois Laborers’ District Council and Laborers’ International Union of North America Local 773.

Today there are 10 full-time employees in the Fund Office providing services to approximately 2,100 members and their dependents.